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Start Building Deeper Relationships Today With The

The Email Ease Blueprint

Embrace authentic communication & revolutionize your email marketing strategy

What if you could nurture authentic relationships on autopilot?

Building trust and credibility with your audience over time has benefits:
– improved brand recognition,
– increased revenue,
– more referrals and recommendations,
– opportunities for collabs
– thousands of raving fans (but who’s counting?)

The problem is, you don’t have the time to ideate, write, edit, and send nurture emails every week on top of everything else on your to do list.

The Email Ease Blueprint is there's a simple solution that will allow you to personalize your communication, ensuring every email feels like a one-on-one conversation with your readers.

Your Ultimate Relationship Building Tool

Everything you need to build genuine relationships with ease is included.

Here's what's inside -

Everything you need to infuse your emails with your unique brand vice and consistently connect with your audience in a way that feels genuine and personal!



Start with the Basics


Then Get Writing



Add Something Special


and Do it Consistently


Everything you need for consistent email marketing that drives connection is inside.

You want testimonials?

My template buyers say the nicest things...

I absolutely love how easy it was to use, and the course that came along with the template with tips and tricks that I would have wasted time trying to figure out… game changer! I was able to create this page in less than an hour, even with a fussy baby in my lap!

– Allie Trumpower

I love all your templates! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your colors and esthetics. Even though I am a web designer I find it easier just to use your templates on my own projects and get it DONE! Otherwise, my own website work gets behind and I start procrastinating (lol)

– Marium Kabir

It’s gorgeous!! And pretty things make people want to stay on a page and look around. This page is so well designed and promoting it in one email I made my money back and then some. This page makes me look like a rock star. I want more Kimi!!

– Maggie Klaassens

Hi, I'm Laura

Copywriter, Email Marketer, Relationship Cultivator

My mission is to help female entrepreneurs grow a life and business that feels good, and to me, this means one in alignment with their values and purpose. 

It goes beyond simply making a profit and extends to meeting people where they are, taking time to build a relationship with their audience, educating their clients, and providing measurable transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI might sound intimidating, but it’s as easy to learn as having a conversation. The Email Ease Blueprint was designed with simplicity in mind. It offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that require no prior tech expertise. 

I totally get it! I belong to a few template memberships, and I can always tell when I receive emails from those subscriptions unless they are edited and personalized well. That’s the beauty of using AI over mad-libs style templates. Plus, the more you use AI to “train” it to sound like you and provide feedback on what you like and how to write like you, the better results  you’ll receive. Over time, your BFF won’t be able to tell the difference! 

The unique challenge of sounding authentic using prompts is precisely what the Email Ease Blueprint addresses. Unlike generic prompts that lead to cookie-cutter content, our 52 carefully crafted-prompts are designed to guide you in infusing your unique brand voice, mission, and values into every email. Paired with our AI personalization techniques, these prompts ensure your emails resonate deeply and authentically with your audience, sounding unmistakably like you! 

Managing email marketing independently is commendable, seriously 🙂 The Email Ease Blueprint isn’t just about maintaining status quo; it’s about elevating your strategy. The blueprint offers efficiency and effectiveness, deepening the subscriber engagement and potentially increasing your ROI. Plus, with the time you’ll be saving leveraging automation, you’ll be able to do more of what you love in your business and life.