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are you ready to achieve greater results with your marketing without doing more?

When you build better relationships with your audience, it means you are providing consistent value, meeting their needs where they are, and marketing with empathy. The results are loyal clients, higher revenue markers, and a business and life that just feels good

messaging mastery audit

Gain clarity on your brand messaging and attract your ideal clients with a Messaging Mastery Audit. This comprehensive service assesses your website’s messaging, SEO, and content funnel to help you create a cohesive and resonant brand that speaks to your target audience.

What’s Included:

  • Website messaging assessment to help you gain clarity on your brand messaging and positioning and attract your ideal clients through resonant messaging
  • SEO optimization review so you can increase your visibility in search results 
  • Website content or funnel evaluation in order to optimize your content to better serve your audience
  • Comprehensive report with actionable recommendations to improve your brand’s messaging and content ecosystem


vip experience

Once we complete your audit, you’ll know exactly what to focus on so you can implement your organic marketing strategy leading to more authentic relationships with your audience and increased engagement – in just a handful of hours!

What’s Included:

  • Personalized strategy based on your audit report so you can improve your brand messaging, SEO, or content.
  • A full day implementing the recommendations from the audit, accelerating your progress toward your goals.
  • Personalized training and guidance for you or a member of your team from an expert in brand messaging, SEO, and content strategy.
  • Collaborative ideas for improving the your brand messaging, content ecosystem, and client attraction strategy to helping you stand out in a crowded market.


How It Works

We’ll deep dive into your mission, values, and goals to ensure your content is aligned.

Together we’ll create a strategy so your content is optimized for your offers & audience.

We’ll EVALUATE what’s working  and create sustainable workflows 

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I do offer a limited amount of done for you services after we’ve done the initial work to ensure your messaging is optimized for you, your brand, your offers, and your ideal client. I’ve found many of my clients have a team in place to implement recommendations. 

I take on a select number of clients each month to ensure they receive personalized attention in a timely manner. I know how important it is that work is done accurately and timely. I’d rather serve fewer clients and be able to give them a higher attention to detail. 

Don’t worry! Once we agree to work together, I’ll send over everything you need to know! You’ll be given access to your unique client portal with questionnaires for you to fill out giving me all the information about you, your brand, your offers, your audience, and your goals. (Whew!) We’ll even have a call together to make sure I have all the details right before we get started. 

I request that your information be returned to me within a few days of our call together so I can review it and make sure I’m able to clarify anything before we connect. After I’ve had an opportunity to review your website or funnel, I am usually able to return your audit which will include a document with recommendations as well as a video walkthrough to you within a week. 

I do not offer payment plans on the Messaging Mastery Audits or VIP Days; however, if we decide to work together on an additional retainer service, there will be a payment option offered. 

You can fill out the interest form on my site. If it seems like we’re a good fit, I’ll send all the details in an email. Otherwise, I’m always happy to make other recommendations of people who might be better suited to work with you.