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targeted messaging + optimized EmailS + authentic relationships

build lasting connections
with your audience through relationship-focused email marketing

The average person receives over 120 messages each day.

How do you make your email stand out from the inbox clutter? 

Craft Personalized Emails that Captivate & Convert

Are your email campaigns falling flat, leaving you wondering if you’d have better luck posting on Missed Connections to reach your ideal clients? Maybe it’s time to ditch the generic email blasts and start focusing on building authentic relationships so you can stand out from the noise and connect with your audience on a deeper level.  

After all, every email should be an opportunity for meaningful engagement and lasting impact. 

Master your brand messaging

as the foundation of your marketing communication. Because when you understand what you do and why, your clients will know why they should choose you to work with. 

Share storytelling within your writing

 in order to evoke emotions and form connections that build trust and foster deeper relationships with your audience. They’ll remember you when it comes time to work with someone.

Implement workflows for sustainable marketing

because in your life-first business, you need to leverage emotional intelligence with automations so you can continue to connect in ways you never thought possible.

Behind the brand

hey there, it’s nice to meet you - I'm Laura

My mission is to help female entrepreneurs grow a life and business that feels good, and to me, this means one that’s in alignment with their values and purpose.

It goes beyond simply making a profit and extends to meeting people where they are, taking the time to build a relationship with their audience, educating their clients, and providing measurable transformation.

As you grow your business, tasks like “grow your list” and “send weekly email” can become check-the-box marketing to-do’s. But are your efforts really getting you the results you want? 

When you know better, you do better. 

It’s time to really understand how to make your email marketing work in a way that’s simple and effective. 

It’s not about a sales pitch or sending a generic template week after week. Make the right lasting impression with your subscribers by sharing your authentic brand voice and writing to them about content they actually want to read. Feel confident knowing you’re connecting with your audience in a meaningful way, equipped with the knowledge and strategies to stand out in a crowded inbox.  

Discover a boost in engagement, conversion rates, and customer loyalty as your email campaigns begin to nurture lasting connections, driving repeat sales and referrals. 

align. connect. grow.

showing the love

the testimonials

The Client Process

how it works

Let your content support YOU in your business. 

(Instead of the other way around)

Ready to attract the right clients with less stress?


Targeted Messaging

When your audience knows you understand them, your messaging will stand out making your audience more likely to take action with you. 


Optimized Content

Help your clients find the solutions you offer by optimizing your copy and content with focused keywords that match their search intent.


Authentic Relationships

Leading with a value and an authentic voice will help you build relationships with your audience creating a sense of know, like, and trust. 

Start Building Relationships in Just Sixty Minutes

Your welcome sequence sets the tone for your new relationship with your subscribers. Don’t waste this opportunity by sending a generic template – or worse, skipping it altogether because of time or overwhelm. Leverage AI and perfectly personalized prompts to grow your relationships from ‘hello!’